Yearbooks are a classic way to preserve school memories year after year. Our experienced staff can help you capture your fondest moments and tell your stories for years to come. Let Donner Photographic Inc. recap your school year with a professional quality yearbook to last a lifetime.


  • Full Service Design

    It’s easy – we do all the work! Pick a theme, send us your photos, and we’ll create your book from start to finish.

  • Staff Member/Parent-Designed

    We will guide you through the entire process. We are always ready to answer questions and help you with ideas
    for your yearbook.

  • Student-Designed

    In a classroom setting, students create the yearbook. A designated advisor can monitor their progress along
    the way.


Pricing is based on quantity of books, number of pages, and hard vs. soft cover. To request a quote or more information, contact our Yearbook Coordinator at 860-886-2475 ext. 246.


Sample Yearbook Covers
Donner Photographic Inc. Recital Book Donner Photographic Inc. Recital Book Donner Photographic Inc. Recital Book